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Working with Empowerment and Abundance

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Energetic Alignment & Mastery: The Keys to Confidence and Success

This power-packed class advances you on the path to energetic empowerment and abundance in very short order! You’ll learn how to successfully co-create your world with Source energy, trust the guidance that comes to you, hear from your Higher Self, and step into your intentions with confidence. We’ll explore how blocks and interfer-ences in your field can compromise your ability to experience success and learn how to clear them so that you can implement your visions and dreams. You’ll learn about the rules, beliefs and agreements that drive your life and how those agreements, your ancestral line, your past lifetimes, inner child and karma can spoil your outcomes. By identifying and shifting them, you have the strong potential to transform your daily experiences. You’ll also learn how to work with Ascended Masters, Archangels, light beings, and healing teams. You’ll get insight into how to raise your vibrational frequency to increase the potency of your healing and service work. You’ll choose a path of action, then step fully into all that you were meant to be, do and have.

Creating the Platform for Abundance
Source is 100% abundant; are we? What stands between us and the manifestation of our desires? While abundance is our birthright, our energy can be compromised by lifetimes of conflicting priorities, fear-based programming, heavy emotions, cultural baggage, guilt and outdated agreements – just to name a few! This class helps you get clear on what abundance is for you, how to surface the interferences in your field, and how to release them so that you can experience the good stuff frequently and often! We’ll learn some energetic techniques to release attach-ments and emotions that hold us back from our dreams. We’ll bring our energy field and our desires into alignment. We’ll invite in the powerful Ascended Masters, Archangels and healing teams to clear those blocks in real time, to set us on the path to manifesting abundance. Don’t miss your moment! This is a hugely powerful, high-vibrational experience. Come ready!

About Leslie Fonteyne
Leslie Fonteyne is a Life Transformation Catalyst, Teacher and Intuitive Energetic Healer. She works with clients around the world to help them release deep energetic blocks that prevent the fullest expression of their soul essence. She connects clients and workshop participants with their core passions and helps them to unearth the blocks and interferences that prevent the fullest expression of their abundance and life purpose

Classroom Location:

Springhill Suites | Classroom Location

6845 W. 103rd Avenue
Westminster, CO 80021
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Date: February 3, 2018

Start Time: 9:30 am
End Time: 6:00 pm

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