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Residential in Moab, UT

It is time to start thinking about the Moab Red Cliffs Lodge Residential!

It will be March 26th – April 1 2017.

Instructors are Melinda Doden, Rosa Rodriguez and Sheri Covey

Deposits are $400.00 Non -Refundable and are due by December 15, 2016. This place is spectacular and powerful all in the same breath.  It should be on everyone’s must see list.  Join us this year.

Costs are as follows:
King Suite:  $2350.00
Queen Suite: (double occupancy only) $1695.00 each person
Cabin – two private bedrooms and shared living areas:
  Double Occupancy  $1950.00 each room
This price includes lodging, tuition, Dinners each evening.  Students are welcome to bring partners or friends to travel with them and to share this remarkable experience!
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