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Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy is in
Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy® Center offers the only complete and comprehensive training program in the country. The program is designed to complete the classroom portion of your training during 10 weeks of classes spread over 24 months. The Classes are organized into weekly modules that are well suited for learning and to bring understanding into each student in an easy and comprehensive way.


There are four Foundation Weeks which allow students to join the program anywhere in that time frame. The second six weeks are moving the student into a deeper and richer discovery of the vast impact this work can have in healing all areas of the body. The weeks are Monday – Friday and occur every 2 -3 months throughout the two years. After completing the 10 weeks of required classes, the journey to become a Practitioner is formed.


The Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy® Center has the advantage of having two campuses, Grand Junction and Denver, which often allows students to take classes between both locations and accelerate their opportunities for training.  It is also possible to take classes at a slower rate so each class is available as a stand alone option. We also offer Advanced Training throughout the year in our Grand Junction and Crested Butte Summer Series. We are offering the best, most cutting edge and extensive training in tandem with excellent instruction and insight.

The Principles of Ortho Bionomy

    • Follow ease – Move away from pain
  • Less is more
  • Honor what arises
  • Stay in right relationship – Meet people where they are…
  • Maintain your own energy while connecting to another
  • Non-Force – Work with the body
  • Non Judgement
  • Re-Education & self recognition leads to healing
  • Working “with” vs. working “on”

We have a new campus location in Denver:


6845 W. 103rd Avenue
Westminster, CO 80021
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Our class location in Grand Junction:

Hampton Inn on Main Street is one of our classroom locations  in Grand Junction, CO

205 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
United States
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  • Upcoming: Denver Week 8
    DENVER WEEK 8 July 25- 29 2016. Monday and Tuesday is Advanced Pelvis, a study group and the  visionary, self empowering class on Elements of Successful Practice.  This week is the week that leaps you forward in your Phase 4 insight and skills and allows you to step into your own dreams and visions of the work that are uniquely yours…own the work…your way.  ...
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  • Upcoming Class: Week 5 in Grand Junction
    GRAND JUNCTION WEEK 5 August 22 –26 2016. This week is a power packed week of education with the typically underused Posture and Post Techniques class the first two days, the important Practitioner Training where we work with the understanding of your own perception of energy and how you maintain it, and the Chapman’s Reflexes tied into the insights of visceral, lymphatic and endocrine issues in the system.  This class has evolved every year and now with the Reflexes within the Chapman’s own reflexes we have created a more powerful tool within the work.  NOT TO BE MISSED!!...
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  • Upcoming: Foundation Class in Denver
    FOUNDATION CLASS: Denver Colorado July 30 2016. This class is a great class for beginners and those curious about this work.  It is a one day course that will introduce students to all the all important Principles, Phases of Ortho Bionomy and the Reflexes.  We will work with structure, visceral, fluids and more.  Please join us in this one day class 9:30 -5:30 Saturday July 30th.  Cost is $160.00 if registered before July 15. Everyone welcome....
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I wondered if it would feel awkward participating in classes at Week 8 within a group who had already developed relationships. I was greeted with a warm welcome and felt accepted and supported by a great group of people. Awesome classes and experience!! Looking forward to the next opportunity to learn & share in this wonderful work.

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