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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up for the Program?

No. It is optional. The program is set up for completion of study over the 10 weeks scattered over two years. It is possible to just take classes when they are convenient for student. There is no time limit to finish. Students who are engaged in local classes around the country are welcome to come and fill in hard-to-find classes or more advanced classes. We welcome all types of students to our Center.

Which campus can I attend?

We suggest you pick the campus that is easiest for you to attend consistently. BUT the program is designed so you can take classes at either Campus to fulfill your requirements or fill in classes to finish your SOBI Program.

How long the does program take to finish as Designed?

If you start on the 1st Week of Training it is possible to finish in two years (ten weeks of required training scheduled throughout the two years) if you complete the other requirements necessary.

Do I need a table?

If you live locally, we ask that you own a table after week 4. If you are traveling to either Campus the Center will provide tables for the classroom as needed.

How do I pay?

There are many ways to pay. It is required that you have a deposit to the Center two weeks in advance for the discount and to hold your space in the classroom. There is a $50.00 charge if you miss the two week cut off. You can hold your space with a check mailed to the Center or by going to our website and clicking on the calendar on the week or the class that you would like to register for…that will lead you to a Paypal site that will allow you to pay for the class or the week online. It is also possible to call the Center and make payments over the phone via Credit Card. 970-209-9400

How do I book a room at each location?

On our website you can click on Contact and the information and the links to the hotels are available. It is possible to call them or click on the link and to reserve your dates and corporate discount. Both locations have convenient walking to restaurants, shopping and groceries. The rates are available through the hotels.

Why is the program designed in this manner?

Our vision for the Program is to provide thoughtful and in-depth education around Ortho-Bionomy and healing. We want to provide options and choices for students to start and finish their educational goals. The program is designed week-by-week to give you the maximum amount of information and skills to evolve yourself in the understanding of the work. Each week is designed with classes that work together to broaden your understanding. Each week also is building on the previous weeks qualities. It is possible to come into the program as a new student Week 1 – 3 but the weeks that are missing from your education we strongly recommend you make up at our other location as soon as possible. We designed the program for students to be able to continue their education and work around their personal lives and goals. It is possible to go between campuses to speed up the process or slow down the process. It is possible to work with our Instructors to help design the program and plan that will work for you.

What is the difference between Campuses?

The Program is the same at both campuses. The difference is the original Program start date. Each campus is staggered a year apart to allow each class within the program to be offered in a one year cycle. Both campuses are hotels so traveling students can stay easily walk to each day of class. Both the Denver campus and the Grand Junction campus have restaurants, shopping, groceries, and outdoor space within walking distance. We love both locations!

Do you work with other practitioner locations?

We are proud of all our students who go on to bring Ortho-Bionomy to new locations. One location we frequently collaborate with is the Ortho Healing center in Portland, OR. Learn more about Abby Nartker and her center here!

Do I need a shuttle from the airport?

You will need to book your own shuttle from the airport. We try to organize information between traveling students to allow students to share shuttles on Sunday nights and Saturday mornings before and after class. The hotel in Grand Junction does commonly offer a shuttle to their hotels. The shuttle from Denver is supershuttle.com for booking.

Updates to IRC/PRC packet mailings

Updates to IRC/PRC packet mailings:
Updates to IRC/PRC packet mailings, beginning with March session – if already sent , no need to remail packet, but please send the email and electronic portions of this request.

Due to postal/office mail issues, we have changed the address for Training Program Waivers, Applications and Evolvements to go to: SOBI, c/o Heather Spinner
15223 Shoreway East Ct.
Carmel, IN 46032

In addition, we are requesting two additional steps to best support the applicants:

* Send an email to office@ortho-bionomy.org with your envelope postal tracking information so we know your portfolio is on its way and we have access to tracking the package.

• For Additional Backup, we are asking applicants to email or fax from original paperwork their portfolio to office@ortho-bionomy.org (scanned PDF of original) or Via Fax to 317-536-0065.

• If there is any issue in getting the portfolio to us, this gives us a clear, legible copy to print copies of and ensure the trainee gets into the Review Committee session.

If you do not have the ability to fax or email from your home, many libraries, office supply stores, and copy centers such as Kinkos, FedEx, Staples, Office Max can scan and create a PDF for you.

We are in the process of adding these changes to all the online training program handbooks.

I am having problems understanding the program and navigating your website - what should I do?

Please do not hesitate to call us at 970-209-9400 and we will assist you. Or email the Center at rmobcenter@gmail.com. We want to keep this process as simple and easy as possible for you! We love to hear from you.


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